Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A new dress

Firstly, I would like to say thank you so much to all of those of you that left comments on my last post.  They really did help. Mostly they made me cry but each and every one of you made a valid point. It gave me alot of things to think about. It made me think that I don't deserve to be treated like he has treated me this past year..ignoring me day in, day out. Perhaps him leaving is the right thing for him to do...who knows. One thing I am sure of is that there is no turning back. Once he has left, I need to move forward with my life.  After all I will have the two kids to look after, a huge garden at the back, a front garden, the hens and the cats...all relying on me. Not to mention my sewing which I am passionate about.

Linda feel free to send me an email, thank you :o)

I have been so lucky with my sales lately. Just this past week I have sent phone cases to Texas, along with a half yard of fabric that the lady brought off me. Do you know why she wanted the fabric?  She wants to make her Yorkshire Terrier a dress out of Cath Kidston Reg Sprig fabric!! A dress! Yes really! I have told her I want pictures LOL. She has just purchased her dog a red sprig lead and collar and wants a dress to match.  I promise to post the picture if  she sends me one...the dog already has no less than 50 dresses already!! LOL

I made a lady in Croatia a phone case and she was so pleased with it, she has commissioned me to make her two make up bags to match her phone case.

I sent an Ipad case to Texas this week to another customer. This one is for her Mums birthday present..hope she likes it :o)

Today I made another Ipad case with an unusual request. Instead of a polka dot lining and a Cath Kidston fabric on the outside...this lady wanted it the other way round! So she has a red and white polka dot case with mini strawberry as the lining...thats on its way just up the road from me in Ashford, Kent.

Whilst I have been writing this post I have just had the alert on my phone to say that another phone case has sold.....thank you, thank you...I am going to need every penny I can get now.

I'm going to sell the hot tub...I'll never be able to afford to run it on my own. Clint reckons it costs £2 a day to run it. The money could go towards a new boiler which I know I need to replace in the near future.

The past two days I have been emptying the huge plastic bin down the garden of compost.  I had three of this bins..its the ones the foxes sit on at the bottom of the garden.  I have always hated them, they look ugly. the garden is now solely mine, I decided they had to go. The one that had wood for the fire in it got picked up by a freecycler on Monday. Another freecycler wanted one for her kids bikes (yes they are that big!) so I decided to empty one of the compost so she could have it  and that was another one gone. I will keep the one that is still there at the moment as thats fine, I can't see it from the house because its behind the Damson tree and will continue to use it for the compost.  Well, two days later and alot of digging with aching arms the bin is empty and ready to go to its new home.

I've also found a new home for an old deckchair I was going to do up but never got around to it. A lady of freecycle wanted a deckchair so she can sit her lambs in it so she can cut their claws.  As the lady has a weak back and her sheep are very heavy she can't get down on the floor to do it appealed for a deckchair LOL. She sent me a you tube of her sheep..they are pets and were in a nativity play at christmas, they were mingling with the guests afterwards like pet dogs...very sweet.

Anyway, enough of my is the dress. I finished it today. This fabric was a  bargain buy on Ebay a few years ago. I think I paid £7 including postage for no less than 10 metres of heavy weigh cotton. I've made loads of things out of it over the fact I made two peg bags from it you may recall!!!

This is another Cambie dress, the same as the other one I made in the lavender print. This one is lined with beige lining fabric that I already had, so all this dress cost me this time around was the reel of cotton.  I love this one, absolutely love this print.  I also hav some flat gold pump shoes to wear with this on my holiday. This dress is for the posh nights when you have to dress up for dinner on the cruise.

The back with the invisible zip..I'm getting the hang of these now

Here is a close up of the fabric...very 1950's don't you think?

I will be back very soon...really I will this time. I'm going to keep this blog better updated as part of my 'New Start'


  1. Great fighting talk Sharon. Thats the beginning of the rest of your life, and HAPPINESS. Love the dress, will look good with gold shoes. Don`t overdo the work on the garden, pace yourself by doing a bit at a time, and keep the sewing going, that will keep you occupied, as I know you love doing it.
    Mum xx

  2. Well done Sharon - you're doing just great !
    baby steps remember ..........

  3. Oh I just love that dress, you are going to look stunning in it♥ Fantastic attitude and as Wean said "baby" steps. I read the quote below about 10 mins ago and you came straight to my mind

    When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness;
    instead keep your head up high and gaze into heaven
    for that is where your broken heart
    has been sent to heal.
    ~ Unknown

    I will e-mail you later today:) Your wonderful family and friends will help you through this. Linda xxx

  4. Way to go girl! Head high, back straight and stride forward into your new life, ordered just to suit you. And as for the dress, its a knockout, you will look amazing and individual, not a carbon copy of anyone. Pam

  5. Lovely, lovely dress Sharon. You are so talented - you could make those dresses and sell them. Just beautiful. I mean that about selling them - they knock spots off the stuff on the High Street.

    Fab news that your sales are taking off - I wish you heaps of success and lots more sales.

    I have just caught up with your blog and read your previous post and am so sad for you that your marriage is ending. It's such a heartbreaking thing to go through and probably feels quite surreal at times. I've been there and know how up and down your emotions can be through all of this. Total rollercoaster.

    Keep busy and lean hard on your family and friends - they are your best help in getting though this mad bad time. And give yourself loads of time to grieve and to day at a time.

    Bon courage! It will get better.

  6. I would like to email yu Sharon but I'm getting 'email client is not connected' or something like that, anyway I'm thinking of you and feeling your pain because I've been in exactly that situation.
    I'm sending you loads of hugs and absent healing.