Sunday, 15 July 2012

Global Warming

This morning I was browsing some German blogs I like to read. I use the google translator (obviously!).  I came across these words written by a lady that lives a rather seclusive life with a strong connection with nature. When I read these words she wrote in response to her friend moaning about the wet weather, I knew I just had to put them true and very thought provoking...take a read.

We complain about spring that brings only rain or too hot.

We complain about the summer, with its torrential rains, storms, thunderstorms, floods, extreme heat and unbearable humidity.

We complain in the Autumn when the weather just brings rain. 

We complain in the winter when it is too warm or too wet, or if it brings  alot of snow for too long, to low temperatures that aren't bearable.

We complain really ALWAYS, we want the seasons back from our childhood. This
is what we remember. We transfigured with emotion. We remember the long hot summer, which were dry and nice to warm summer evenings with our parents, garden parties and endless weeks of swimming, camping and outdoor barbecues.

But we remember how it all began?

The fact that we are to blame for this climate change?

That we like to drive big powerful cars.

Take our children anywhere with large gas-guzzling cars! Why not walk our children? do they not ride bikes?

The fact that we get into the car, with every little thing?

The fact that we constantly fly with low cost airlines to major European cities, sometimes just to go shopping in Madrid, Milan or Stockholm - it costs almost nothing except the price of pollution.
 That we insist to spend our holidays abroad, as cheaply as possible, as long as possible.

We also have to remember that we want to eat all year round vegetables each and every fruit and can grow in heated greenhouses and that is flown around the globe.

That we have become in our consumption of foods including meat grossly and shamelessly, and take it approvingly, accepting the need for animals to suffer endlessly.

Expect that on every corner, bakeries, restaurants, snack bars and hot dog stands. Because we want to eat constantly.

That we industrialized nations,  throwing away  alot of food that was produced with a lot of energy and at the expense of the environment and transport.

Fact that we live in a consumerist attitude which is conditioned to constant buying and throwing away and the low-wage countries to bring, always new energy - to produce eating cheap products . destroyed while in their home, the nature and poison is that it blocks our highways with freight trucks.

That the destruction of natural resources (deforestation of rain forests, monoculture, genetic engineering in the fields, desertification has to be done from once fertile pastures, and and and) with our rights and our excessive consumerism every day anew.

Even with yours!

Keep that in mind you do not like this responsibility you show of yourself!

You do not believe that you as single person have anything to do with it.

Are you sure? Think carefully! Think back to your life and your convenience.

Now it's too late! Nature strikes back for a long time.

You whining on about your rainy summer, the wet holiday, the unsuccessful seasons, others lose on this planet for many years all their belongings in the flood, by fire and earthquakes, starvation, severe drought or dying from poisoned drinking water.

We all wanted to know anything about it beforehand. Now most do not. With the knowledge that we have now, we still identify ourselves and not live Keep it up.

We, the politicians and the nations on this earth.

If we change anything? Will you change anything? Probably not. Because the big ones up there do not even agree, why would you as an individual, then do something?

Or did you decide to live your life more consciously in the hope that every little piece of the puzzle, a piece of the whole may help? Maybe you calm yourself so that you are buying organic products and by bike are going to work.

That's a start, at least something.

But in global terms, it is actually too late.

Whether to recover the earth and the climate can you say no for sure. The only certainty is that we are all responsible for it.

Think about it!

Text: Christine H.

Mind blowing......thoughts please.


  1. Oh WOW, So many home truths. I hear Frugal Queen in there, the truth is never an easy thing to digest. Most of us suffer with "ostrich syndrome", as my grandmother called it, we all want "them" to do something to make it better providing we do not have to inconvenience ourselves.

  2. Crumbs, how true, every last word of it. It really makes you sit and think of the HAVES and HAVE NOTS, in this world. We are all to blame, some countries more than others, who refuse to believe in global warming. Thats probably because they are the biggest polluters on this earth. We were given life to enhance the planet, but through greed and selfishness, some countries, with their politicians who believe there is no global warming!!!!! hence the inhabitants are brainwashed into thinking this also. Yes I have a very small car, but use the bus mostly, to cut down on emissions. If everyone did one little thing towards saving this planet, as a mass we could make a difference. I fear for the future of our children, and grandchildren, if we do not do something NOW, what hope have they got? and who is going to stand up and say "Its my Fault"
    Love Mum xx