Sunday, 9 September 2012


Hi, I am back and at last I am ready to start updating my blog more often. The holiday would have been fantastic for me under different circumstances but, alas, the timing was all wrong for me with what was going on at home.  I am afraid I put a dampner on everybodies holiday and for that I am truely sorry. Kellie had a fantastic time and loved every minute of it. I'm afraid I didn't get off the boat at all in any of the countries we stopped at....too lost in my own misery. But HEY!!! I have washed that man right out of my hair and am getting on with my life slowly. The less I see of him the better :o) So lets close this chapter of my life and from this day forward he doesn't get a mention..he's not worth it!

Here's the family, just arriving at Southampton Cruise Terminal, it's alot more impressive than I was expecting. Also compared to flying, the boarding of the ship is so straight forward and much faster than airports.

This was our first glimpse of the ship we went on..P&O's Ventura Cruise ship....its big!! The picture was taken with my phone so please excuse the cropping across the bottom.

This is Gibraltar. Like I said, I never  got off the boat but it looked gorgeous and was soooo hot. Kellie swam in the pool, whilst I watched her and Mum, Dad and Grant got off the ship for a look around.

This was a weird one. As we approached the port in Portugal, this mist suddenly descended over the bridge we had to travel under. It looked really spooky.  What is even weirder, was that the sun was shining brightly that day and it was hot...but just as we left the port the mist came back again!!!

Just a random shot of Kellie swimming in one of the pools on the ship. This was actually in Gibraltar and despite factor 50 on her body, every hour, her shoulders burned and peeled :o( Not good.

Now, I LOVE my Kindle. It would have been three years old this Christmas. It goes everywhere with me in my bag. But, looked what happend to it three days before the end of the holiday!! It just went all wrong and the screen froze like this. In fact, I am waiting for the charge to run out on it to see what happens when it is totally recharged from flat. I won't hold my breath though. After a browse through the Kindle forum it looks like when this happens there is no going back.

So...days after I got back, I treated myself to a new one. I spent days looking online for a case that wasn't leather. Well, I don't eat meat so why would I want a case made of animal skin?  I found this one. The  colour choice wasn't great but I settled for the blue one in the end. I am not keen on the embroidery on it ans am thinking of ways to put my mark on it :o)  It is made of Hemp. It is very good quality and I am confident it will protect my new Kindle fabulously.

Here it is...say hello to my new Kindle Touch. I absolutely love it.

I have also been very worried about how I am going to cope with keeping the garden up together. The lawn mower we had was rubbish and far too heavy for me. I brought myself this little hover and vac one. It cuts 100% better than the last one and is so light I can throw it around the garden no problem whastoever. The grass after it was cut looked better than it has ever looked. The mower skimmed over all the paving slabs and around the hen house with it. Just got to get to like weeding now!

On Facebook, I like to follow THE FOX PROJECT. I was thrilled when I saw they have an event near me. I'm definitely going to this one. Anything to support my favourite urban animals.

Thank you for all your kind words and emails from my previous blog post. This chapter is now closed and only happy things will be blogged from now on and as soon as I get a minute I am going to change this goddam awful blog background!! Yuck! :o)


  1. Never mind the cruise, the fact is you are now a stronger person, the old Sharon is back. YAY.It was a dream for Kellie and Grant to go on this holiday, and they really enjoyed themselves, although Kellie spent so much time loving the pool, it could easily have been BUTLINS!! Note to self, forget the scenery, check out the swimming pools :-)
    It was good, time to get grip, out with the old, in with the new, we loved being with you all the same, and look forward to the imminent visit to St Leonards, oh and Hastings, and lets not forget Bexhill, maybe Eastbourne, on the other hand it could just be a chill out time. Anything goes!!!!!!!
    Love Mum xx

  2. I'm sorry you weren't able to fully enjoy your trip but you seem to be a strong person and I'm betting you will get through this miserable time and come out of it even stronger.

    Anyway, as you said, moving on....I didn't know about The Fox Project - we love I will make a note to go along to the De La Warr next Sunday.

    Love you lawnmower, by the way. :)

  3. It's such a shame the timing was wrong with the cruise but I'm sure you had some lovely moments. So pleased to hear your Mum saying the old Sharon is back♥ What a cute little mower:) Onwards and forward. Linda xx

  4. Nice to see you back Sharon. So sorry you weren't able to make the most of the holiday, sometimes you've just got to work your way through things in your own way. The only way forward is to sort out the stuff going on in your head, and you had plenty of time to do that on your luxury boat. I look forward reading about your rise back up again, and you will. Go girl, fly as high as you can.

  5. Hi Sharon - so sorry, I only just saw your comment on my blog.

    I'm so glad you seem to feeling at least a bit better (though I'm sure this will be quite an up and down journey).

    I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your new-found enthusiasm!