Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Hi everone, today looks like it is goingto be a great day weather wise. I have plans for painting today:o) Yep, at lst I have the blue paint to finish the sky in the chicken coop:o) So, after the carpet cleaning man has been to clean the hall and stair carpet, I will be down the garden for the rest of the day. Now the nice weather has arrived I have been getting into the habit of letting the chickens free range on 'their' bit of garden. It is working out really well and they have nearly finished the weeding!! :o) Luckily the only thing that is planted in 'their' garden is shrubs that are far too big for even chickens to destroy...I think, at least I hope!! They are loving this free ranging time and frequently sit down for a doze in the dirt under the sun. We still haven't fenced the area off from the rest of the garden yet but the hens are being pretty good and only venture into the grassy area once or twice a day before I notice them and swiftly plonk them back on 'their' bit again. Their feathers are al growing back nicely now as you can see from the photos below, although there is one hen with a bald bit on her back near her tail which seems to be taking along time to feather up...I fear we may have a feather plucker in the brood! One of our cats, Millie was down on the free range area with the chickens yesterday....stalking them in the bushes lol. The chickens are not scared of her and have chased her a couple of times, putting the fear of god into Millie for a while before she goes back for more!! That's her in the picture, watching the hens with curiosity.

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