Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rainy Wednesday

Today the showers here have been so heavy. I hung my washing out as it was sunny and by the time I had hung the last piece out it was raining!! I had to get it all in again. The hens have been wondering what has been going on with the weather today, I am sure of it. One minute it was glorious sunshine and the next it was thundering rain. At least they have the roof over their run so they never have to get wet! I think the noise was a bit startling to them though, heavy rain on the roof sounded like thunder today when I was sat in the conservatory, so it probably sounded very similar to them. All is well with the hens, they all seem in good health and their combs are all looking very red now. We are down to one egg a day between eight of them now. I am hoping they will pick up a bit now the lighter evenings are getting closer. I will post some pictures I took of them today, but not until the morning...I am having an early night tonight. Today I have been busy making some brown hen embellishments with my sewing machine for a scrapbook layout I am doing about the hens :o)

Kellie has decided she is leaving Beavers next week and is going to join Brownies instead! Her first time at Brownies will be on Friday this week, I think she will love it there. Looks like I need to put her Beaver uniform on Ebay to raise the money for her Brownie uniform instead!!

I have just quickly made a new blog header, I thought this one goes better with the background than the black and white one. I wanted my blog to look like spring has sprung!! :o)

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