Monday, 15 June 2009

The Enchanted Forest

On Sunday we visited The Enchanted Forest in Kent for the day. The weather at first looked a little dodgey when we left home but it soon brightened up. By the time we arrived at the attraction it was stinking hot. A perfect day for wandering around grounds like this. The gardens are spectacular, loads of eye candy in every direction...the flower sort that is lol. We just happened to be lucky enough to visit the forest when it was 'Mooch with the faires' weekend. There were fairies, goblins, mythical things everywhere. I loved every minute of browsing around the wares for sale, even if i couldn't afford to buy anything!! Fairies made out of chicken wire?? They were amazing but they were £25 each!! We didn't buy anything although there were some lovely clothes for sale, long flowing skirts with bodice tops to match.....hippy type jewellery...right up my street. I have to say that if you ever visit this place, make sure you take alot of drink with you if it is going to be hot. We didn't take enough drinks with us and had to buy four small cups of fizzy drinks (the type you get out of the machine). The cost at the checkout......a shocking £6!!!! I mean what??? We were certainly glad we took our own packed lunch. I saw the woman in front being charged £14 for a few small eats and a couple of drinks, you have been warned!! Now I have to confess the reason I wanted to visit The Enchanted Forest so much. I knew they had these huge oversized swings in the forest. They are very high up when you swing and it is a case of getting somebody to push you and hang on for dear life. I have to say I really enjoyed my few minutes on one though and if there wasn't others waiting for a go too I would have stayed on there for quite a long time I think. Grant tookthis photo of me on the sing with the camera on sports mode. At least that way you are bound to get one decent picture out of the 500 that you take!! Blogger won't let me put this photo underneath the tree one below for some reason so if it seems a bit odd and out of place as a first post, that's why its at the top.
This is what you see as you enter the forest....really unusual i thought

A wicker dragon, peeping out from the foliage

With the sun shining through the trees like this it looks unreal. Everywhere was shady apart from this huge sunbeam that was shining down on this fern.

Is this gorgeous or what? You almost expect a fairy to pop out from a fern or from behind a tree. It really does look like a magical place.

Kellie always gets her face painted when we go somwhere where there is face painting. I thought she looked great, the colours of that paint really make her eyes look blue. She went to bed with this on last night, I had to get it off before school this morning much to her disapointment,

Look at this...did you know peacocks dustbath?? I didn't but I do now!!

How about this for spectacular!! There were loads of peacocks walking around the grounds, but

this is the only one we saw with his tail up, absolutely beautiful and he knew it!! He was actually turning around in a circle, so everybody got to see him in his all his splendour.
This Ballerina was dancing all day and I mean ALL day. She never stopped dancing to the music of a didgeridoo and bongo drums. It was really unusual and they were both very good. At some points in the music the man was playing the didgeridoo and the frums himself at the same time!!

This is a stilt Walker that we saw on Sunday, she was HUGE!!!!

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