Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunny Sunday

Today we went out for a drive in the car. There is a country park that I went past on the bus one day and have wanted to go there again for ages. As we are still realatively new to the area, we have not done as much exploring as we should have! After a few wrong turns we asked somebody how to get up on the top of the hill from Hasting old town lol. We finally made it up there and Wow, was it worth the wait or what! The photos below are of the entrance to the West Hill Railway down the cliff face. The railway cars are so old. really victorian looking and from what I could see, they look like they are all made of wood too. You can tell by Kellies' face that she was excited although scared at the same time Lol. The cars travel quite fast as you can see by the blur outside the window in the photos.

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