Friday, 13 March 2009

Fabric cj

How can it possbily be a whole week since I last blogged?? The week has flown by, I really don't know where it has gone. this is only a quick update, I will be back later for a full blown one!! :o) I have spent the past two days trying to catch up with my fabric cj. It should have been posted on the 2nd March!! Well, I managed to get it finished today and in the post to the next person to do her entry. This circle jpurnal was in the theme of artists and something artist imspired. My entry is based on Monet. The design reminded me of his dreamy bridge paintings. This particular design is called Renaissance. It is a daydreamy type picture which is my particular favourite type of painting. Monet of course being my favourite painter. This design took an age to embroider on my machine, due to all the colour changes...still I got there in the end....whoops forgot to edit the photo, oh well it's not that bad anyway:o)

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