Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Published :o)

I sent another scrapbook layout into The Scrapbook Magazine last week and had an email back to say they wanted it for the magazine. I am so thrilled about it as it took me ages to do this particular one. It is of my parents wedding in 1962. They saw it half finished when they were visiting a few weeks back, but haven't seen it completed. I haven't told them that it is going into the magazine, it is going to be a surprise for them. I will send them a magazine through the post with a note on which page to look at. As magazines work so far in advance I am hoping it will be in Octobers' edition of the magazine as that is the month of their anniversary.

My first ever layout to be published will be in the magazine next month. How excited I am going to be on the 23rd April when the magazine is due out. Enough of blowing my own trumpet now...forgive me, I'm excited!!

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