Friday, 6 March 2009

The dentist, my birthday and a surprise

Hi bloggers. Well the dentist appointment went well I am pleased to report. Rather than take the affending tooth out the dentist opted for a root canal. I had this done and he prescribed antibiotics as there was an infection in the tooth from last time I had it filled. The procedure was absolutely painless, I was quite nervous about having this done as I have never had a root canal before. My face was very swollen when I came out of the dentist and still is today, although it is going down slowly. I have a temporary filling in the tooth and have to go back for the proper one in a few weeks. He wants to see if this is going to work or not, if it is still going to give me toothache hw will take it out. To my surprise once the injections wore off there was no pain at all and I am here two days later still painfree!!mLOooks like it has worked :o)

When I left the house to go to the dentist on Wednesday, I saw my parents' car parked just up the road!! What a surprise, they had booked themselves into the local premire inn to be down here for my birthday. I just stared at the car as I walked towards them, thinking 'that looks like Mum! Is that Dad?' lol. They live one and a half hours away from us so this was a big surprise for me. They went and got Kellie from school whilst I went to the dentist and met them back home afterwards.

Thursday was my birthday and there was only two things that I was hoping to get! One was an ipod nano with a speaker so I can listen to my favourite tracks wherever I am in the house. The other thing was a cockeral weather vane for the new hen house :o) Clint and the kids brought me a pink nano ipod with the speaker, Grant also got me a £15 ipod voucher that he brought me out of his own savings ;oX I now have the grand total of five songs on my ipod, most of them being Dido (I absolutely love here stuff), also Wonderful Life (by Black). Remember that one or am I just old now...yeah I know I am getting on...(45 shush!) How the hell did I get this old anway, only yesterday I was giving my parents grief for staying out all night at parties!! My parents brought me a gorgeous lamp, I will take a picture of it tomorrow, it is really unusual. Also a gorgeous butterfly, candle holder ornament, a thick warm cardigan, a gorgeous little box with a chicken, its chick and two eggs with straw in it, all made out of carved wood. Oh yes also a tenner, put that with the £20 my Nan gave me and I nearly have enough fo the weather vane:o) It was a lovely birthday, we had a chinese meal and a gorgeous cadburys chocolate birthday cake with candles that Mum and Dad got from the US last month, that changed colour when they were lit.

The girls are doing great. I can't believe it is only a week tomorrow since we got the little darlings. It feels like they have been here forever. They are all getting on well too which is a great relief. Little brown hens' leg is almost better now and she only has a slight limp now, which is a great relief. She is holding her own and the others are now letting her get to the food and drink without jostling her out of the way. I think she is definately the bottom of the pecking order, but that is okay because she will always get special attention from us, simply because she is gorgeous, so gentle, even when she pccks food out of my hand she never pecks me, like the others do.

Grant and I went down to the coop on Tuesday evening to put the hens away for the night. We got seven in the house no problem, but the eight hen would not fo in!! She went underneath the house and we couldn't get her out! By this time it was pitch black and Grant had to go in for a torch. After 45 minutes we finally got her into the house and shut the door. Wednesday evening we went down again to put them to bed and shock, horror, there were no chiokens in the coop!! After the initial panic, I realised they had put themselves to bed!! How clever are these darling little hens?? Last night and tonight they have put themselves to bed also..bless them, they are so clever, to think that this time last week they were still in the cages with no idea of what life was like outside the hell hole that they lived in.

The eggs have slowed down now and I am glad. They are now laying roughly three a day between eight of them. The forced battery farmed eggs are now gone and they are on natural cycles. One of the thens yesterday laid the biggest egg I have ever seen, It must be a double yoker, it's huge. It's nice to think they don't even have to lay an egg now if they don't want to. They are in retirement, any eggs are a bonus.

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