Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hen update

To all my blog readers that are waiting for a hen update on the ex batts from Saturdays rescue, here it is.....All are settling in, there has been no serious squabbling at all from the hens which I am very pleased about (give it time!). The little brown hen as I will call her until we decide on names, is the one that has stolen mine and Clints' hearts. She is so gentle and is the darkest brown, much darker than the others. She has a bad leg at the moment and I have been spoiling her this week by hand feeding her and also giving her a plate of food of her own so that she doesn't get jostled by the others when feeding. Clint, who said the hens are mine and nothing to do with him, phones for an update two to three times a day!! :o) He even brought a second drinker for the hens so that little brwon hen can be sure of getting her fill of daily water. She is quite tame too and when clint picked her up the other day she stretched her neck up for a tickle and was making a really cute purring noise. The photos below are of the said special hen:o)More updates later..I need to get ready for the dentist! Bye for now.

1 comment:

  1. I think she already has a name - I think Little Brown Hen is a lovely name for your beautiful girl!!