Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Weight Loss!

Today I went for my first weigh in at Slimming World. I was expecting a good weight loss on my first week but not quite as good as I got!! 5lbs!! Very, very pleased, although alot of it might be to do with the fact I have been bad this past week, which is why I haven't blogged. I have had chronic toothache in one of my back teeth that has never given me any problems before. After a trip to the dentist and an x-ray, it revealed the said tooth was decayed inside!! Yuck, but he drilled it out and packed it with antiseptic dressing and then put a temporary filling on top while it recovers. I ghave to go back next week for a proper filling in it. The pain has been unbearable this weekend and as the painkillers weren't even touching the pain, I stupidly took two of Clints' tablets. Big mistake, first I felt lightheaded, then giddy, then very sick! Oh and the tablets didn't touch my pain. just made me vomit! Wonderful! Anyway today I am fine and feeling quite good. What with the wieght loss and the pain gone from my tooth, life is good :o)

Clint has got two days off work and today has gone to Tottenham to watch them play Stoke. His friend Steve has gone with him, funnily enough, Steve supports Tottenham and Clint supports Stoke. They have a space in the executive box and a sit down meal to enjoy before the game. With snacks and alcoholic drinks thrown in too. Good job they have gone on the train! This picture of Clint was taken on his iphone earlier and sent to my inbox.

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