Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The diet starts here!!

Today I enrolled at Slimming World. It went alright actually and I quite enjoyed it. I am not going to enjoy being picked out though and clapped and then given the third degree on how my week went!! I am quite shy and I think I will have a quiet word with the leader next week. I don't mind everyone knowing my weight loss and clapping me (blush) but I don't want loads of questions fired at me in front of everyone. Although, like I said, I enjoyed my hour there, the leader did remind me of Little Britain and it kept going through my mind whilst I was sat there listening to her (snigger). I have one stone and eight pounds to loose, I have lost this much before in the past so I am confident that I can do it again. The diet looks good, easier than Cambridge, which is what I usually loose my weight on. I will record my progress on here a the weight comes off. I must get Clint to take some before photos!! I think this time I am going to aim to go right back to where I used to be rather than just close to my old weight. That means an extra stone to loose on top of the stone and eight pounds that I have mentioned above. One step at a time first though...eight stone here I come.....once there....seven stone. BTW in case you think this is a very low weight to be...I am 4ft 11" with very smakk frame!!

I walked very fast on the treadmill today and didn't even build uo a sweat! I was still breathing through my nose and not at all knackered. I kept this up for 20 mins....well it is my first time using it properly, so I have to build it up slowly....

No crafty stuff going on today, was too busy out of the house in town and Slimming world.

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