Monday, 19 January 2009

A few bits I made last week!

Here are the cusions I made last week. I have loads more to make yet as we have three sofas to fill!! I made these two out of curtains that I had just taken down and the flowery one is made from the material I cut off the bottom of the curtains I was taking up.

The desk diary is just made of paper that I know I will never use for scrapbooking and the title was of leftover alpha stickers that I don't like!! The primas, well I used those cos I have a jar full and I never use them in scrapbooking. I can't stand the horrible little things actually lol. They aren't so bad if you stick dimante stones in the middle I suppose. Oh yes and I got to use my year old bind it all for the second time! I really must use it more, it's a fab tool, its just that I don't make many little books and things, I am a scrapbooker! I would never sell it though. So the be all,end all of the diary is that I used all the things I don't like, just to use them up, it's better than wasting them I suppose and the diary comes in handy for all our events and appointments.

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