Saturday, 15 November 2008


SJ has tagged me so here is seven random facts about me!!

1. I love wine.
2. I have lost 14lbs in weight last month (another 14lbs to go!!)
3. I have 3 gorgeous cats and 2 gorgeous kids
4. I miss my family (back home in Hampshire)
5. I love sewing and scrapping
6. I love living in an English sea side town
7. I HATE offal

So there you have it, seven totally useless random facts about me!! LOL
Does anyone actually read this blog? Please leave me a comment to let me know I am not rambling to myself!! I must get a counter to pur on here!! I am hoping also that I find a bit of time next week inbetween looking after Clint, doing Xmas shopping and Birthday party shopping that I can make myself a blog header with pspX2. Watch this space lol.

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