Saturday, 15 November 2008

Saturday at last!

Today the alarm went off at 5.30am (as usual)as I had to take Kellie for her swimming lesson for 9am and it is two bus rides away. As it tuned out she wasn't well enough to go as she had a sore throat last night with a temperature of 38.5. This morning her temperature was back to normal but her throat was still bad so I went back to bed instead. As the day has gone on she is fine now although I think her temperature may have been due to the fact that she has a back tooth coming through which is giving her a hard time. Just five minutes ago she came downstairs from her bed to say it is bleeding. On closer inspection with the tabl lamp shining in her mouth, it looks like she has dug her nail into the gum and made it bleed!! Do you remembe when you were a kid and that 'nice' pain of sticking nail into gum LOL I still do that occasionally now!!

Clint had an operation on Thursday on his airways as he has trouble breathing and has done for years. It was done as a day op and his brother brought him the thirty odd miles home from the hospital approximately two hours after Clint had come round from the op. He was quite unsteady on his feet and went to bed virtually straight away. The op has been worst than expected with alot of pain for him. Today is day three and he woke this morning to find his whole face is swollen, all his teeth ache, lips are swollen so he can't talk properly, headache and feels lightheaded due to the painkillers. Today he has spent most of the day in bed dozing and hasn't eaten much either. Tomorrow I am hoping he will be feeling alot better, he can't breath at all through his nosw at the moment and has to wash his nose out three times a day with a special salt and bicarb solution. Not a nice operation at all!!!

Today I have finished this months fabric cj entry. It is for Rachels cj (RachelS) from UKScrappers. The theme for this one is 'Asian Dreams' after alot of research I finally found the ideal pattern for my embroidery sewing machine. I am really pleased with my entry. I will take a picture of it to post here in the morning as it is too late now, as I would rather not use the flash as the pictures look better in natural light.

I have also put the first coat of varnish on my 'HOME' letters. I'm hoping to have them totally finished tomorrow :o)

My Mum text me yesterday to say that they are going to stay with her brother for Xmas. This I am quite surprised about, he lives in New Jersey, in the US but they will be staying in Ohio for Christmas with his wife and in-laws. It will probably be a totally different experience for them as they have never been away from the UK for Christmas before. We are thinking of going to Thailand for three weeks for Christmas 2009. Just need to save the airfare up now....every little bit helps, I am changing all my Tesco vouchers into airmiles and also using the Airmiles credit card to pay for the food shopping to get double the amount of airmiles before paying the balance off each month. It will be great if we can pay for even one of our flights in airmiles next Christmas.

I have been thinking of making my embroidery machine pay for its very expensive self by perhaps making things with it to sell. It is very early days yet but I am experimenting with embroidered bookmarks to start with. It would be great if I could sell a few bits evry now and then for a bit of extra dosh! I love sewing anyway so it wouldn't be a chore, more a labour of love :o) I think I might make a few bookmarks for the school to use as raffle prizes for the Christmas Bazzaar in a few weeks time and see what the reaction is.....who knows I might get a couple of orders!!!

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