Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sunday Musings

Well, today started with a lay-in. it is Sunday after all!!! Clints' face is till really painful and swollen, although he managed to eat a bit more today. He was up every hour through the night due to the pain. The painkillers don't seem to be doing their job very well!!

Today I have been messing around with the sewing machine, making my Mum an embroidered bookmark for her birthday next month. The design is gorgeous...all flowers but god, does it take ages to sew or what? There are 10 colour changes and it takes at least an hour to sew. I was hoping to sell some of these but I don;t think they would be viable due to the amount of time they take to make. So, back to the drawing board and see what else I can come up with. I will post a picture of the finished bookmark very soon (it isn't finished yet).

The wooden letters....oh disapointd am I with those! After spending alot of time on them I stupidly didn't make sure they had no varnish on the side I was leaving them on to dry. I got up this morning to find them stuck to the conservatory if that wasn't bad enough, some of the paper on the 'M' came off when I lifted (prised) it off. Oh well, good job I have more of the same paper :o) looks like I will have to re-do the 'M'.

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  1. Hope your OH feels better soon. Love the fabric CJ its very good.