Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Kellie's Birthday Invites

Next Saturday is Kellie's 7th birthday and she is having a party! The theme is Halloween (yes I know it is gone)as she wants to look scarey. We have done the fairy princess parties in the past and now she wants the look horrible and spooky!! We have invited her entire class, plus a few extra, we sent out the invites today, the kids seemed quite impressed with them actually, I felt quite chuffed. They took me three days to make them, so I am pleased they went down well. I used a craft robo template from ukscrappers that was kindly posted there by 'Freedom'. So thank you it is a great template, it cut brilliantly once I had the settings right on the robo. I cut 28 in total and the extra time was spent gluing them together. I was relieved to finish them and see the back of them!!

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