Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Not done much craft lately!!

As the title says, I just haven't had the chance to do much craft related things lately. There are so many things I want to do, but just never seem to get round to doing them. I still have school photos to finish scrapping and with it being October, another photo to add to the school collections will be taken this month!! I must catch up with them. Nearly all Grant's are done except for his year 7 picture and two primary class photos. Kellie, I just have her year 1 photo to do. I have done the two class photos I have of her. I was going to upload them to the blog but then realised I can't really, as there are too many kids faces to blur out.

It is my Mother In Law's birthday today, so 'Happy Birthday Ana'I must send her the link to this blog! So here is a picture of the card I made for her. I was quite pleased with this card. Especially when I found paper with Mum/Mother on it, I thought it finished the card off quite nicely...after all, making a card for a cardmaker (which she is) is no easy task!

The other piece of crafty work I have done is my cj entry for the fabric cj. This page is for Gail's cj. Her book is birds, I thought a chicken was quite apt, seeing as we are in the process of getting chickens ourselves! I cut it out of felt and sewed it with my machine onto the gingham. It had to have a kitch look to it, not cute, so I am hoping it fits the bill.

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