Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Under the weather

Not me, Kellie that is. She awoke last night crying because of an earache. Clint got up to give her calpol and she eventually went back to sleep. This morning the earache was back with a venegence so we went to the doctors. She is now on anti biotics as she has an infection. She has also been sick twice today and is vety hot to touch. She didn't mind missing school too much but was not impressed about missing Beavers tonight. I am hoping she will be better in the morning as I am hoping to go into Hastings to do a bit of shopping tomorrow. If she is still unwell I will have to stay at home with her

On Saturday we have somebody picking up the greenhouse that we advertised on freecycle. It is going to be used in a community vegetable growing project in Battle. We are pleased because it wil free up the space we need for our chicken run. Today I added our name to the list to adopt battery hens. There are so many people waiting for them, it all rests with the battery farmers as to whether they give people the chance to rescue these hens, rather than sending them all to slaughter. A very sad business indeed. I am so looking forward to giving these poor hens a happy retirement, free ranging, the sun, the sky, lots of loving from our family and best of all....a normal life like they were supposed to lead. Anyway, I will get off my soap box now.

Mum and Dad are coming down for a week on Friday and staying at Combe Haven, which is only about a mile away from our house, the kids are also booked in to use the facilities there over the next week so they'll enjoy that.
Anyway, nothing more to add today. See you tomorrow.

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