Saturday, 9 August 2008

New Stamps and Barn Dance!!

Well, actually they have nothing to do with each other, but it is what I have been doing today.

The eazimount arrived in the post today with the new Sweet Ivory stamp (hurray). So I spent this morning mounting all my new stamps. This is alot harder than I anticipated and now know why people prefer to buy stamps already mounted!! Anyway, I finally succeeded in mounting them all to a satisfactory condition and they all work perfectly.
This afternoon we went to a local village fete. It was pouring with rain and I thought we must be mad! It turned out to be a really good afternoon despite the rain. Kellie got her face painted, we all had a burger to eat. Clint had a pint of locally brewed beer and I had a Pimms. We then went to visit a local artist who was doing watercolour portraits for a donation of £5 for the local hospice. Well, I just had to get Kellie's portrait done, complete with the face paint!! I am really pleased with it and I think I will scrapbook the actual painting. Here is the actual painting. It is not a spitting image of Kellie but it is lovely.
We noticed that on the leaflet about the fete, there was a barn dance this evening, so having never been to one before, we decided to go. We asked our neighbour Bridget if she wanted to come too. She said yes and brought two of her sons. As she doesn't drink she decided that she would drive us all there and back.
It was quite an eyeopener, having been brought up in the town we had never been to a barn dance before, it was great, although I do need to add that we didn't get up to dance! The beer was good, we left at 10.30pm to go home and the dance was in full swing. I will definately look out for more of these events in the little villages surrounding where we now live.
Our students leave tommorow, one at 7am and one later in the afternoon at 4pm. It has been great having them here for the past three weeks but, god, they make me feel old!! Out clubbing every night, virtually leaving to go out, just as I am thinking of going to bed!! LOL. Oh well, I had my day, but it was soooo long ago, even if it does seem like yesterday!!
Nite, Nite

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