Friday, 8 August 2008

New Stamps!

Well, yesterday my new sweet ivory stamps arrived, along with a load of others I brought on Ebay. I am so pleased with them. There was just one small problem I had overlooked!! Eazimount!! I forgot I would need that. I go again back to Funky Kits (I haven't sussed the link bit yet) to buy some eazimount for my new stamps....oh and guess what? They are selling one stamp from each collection for £2! Well of course I had to get that too didn't I? I haven't been able to try the stamps out yet though as I am still waiting for the eazimount to be delivered (along with the £2 stamp of course). It will keep me happy next week when I am going to start making some cards. I am really looking forward to building up a collection of homemade cards. I have to admit though, I have no idea what type of card you use for cardmaking. I have plenty of Bazzill, so I am intending to use some of that. Isn't it a bit expensive to use for cardmaking?? Any comments on this would be good.

As you can se if anyone reads this blog that it, I only have one comment and that was about Kellie's fab little picture for the Elves and Fairy Challenge!

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