Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Grant's back!!

Well, the days just fly by and I didn't even realise I haven't blogged since Saturday. It doesn't really matter though as no one reads this blog anyway, just me. Sunday morning saw us up at the crack of dawn to take one of our language students to the train station at 6.30am. I got up to say goodbye to him and then went back to bed for a couple of hours, whilst Clint dropped him off.

Later in the morning our other student dragged himself out of bed!! A real party animal this one!! Home at 3.00am and up for school for 9.00am, most days. Oh to be 22 again!! At lunchtime he decides to go into town for one last time before leaving. What a lovely and totally unexpected surprise for him to bring us back this huge chocolate M&S cake, to say thank you to us for letting him stay. I should have taken a picture of it before we ate it but unfortunately the thought didn't cross my mind at the time and now it is gone.

After saying our goodbyes he too left with Clint to go to the train station for a 4.20pm train to Gatwick. He was very upset when he left and wanted to stay longer. We have given him our e-mail address and promised him he can come to stay again if he wants to. He asked to come back for a two week holiday next year, we'll look forward to it. Here are a couple of pictures of Grant and Kellie with Thomas, Allesandro and Jonay. Excuse the beast poking her toungue out!!

The house is very empty now and last night was the first time it has just been our family of four for dinner, for over a month. It felt like somebody was missing!! Not for long though as our next two students arrive on Sunday, one for one week and the other for two weeks. I am enjoying having students around the house. Although I suppose this one week break will be quite nice too.

I would really like to go back home for a few days to Eastleigh/Winchester to see my best mate Bev and visit my parents and my Nan. It is so expensive on the coach and also the train is out of the question as we would need a second mortgage to pay for the fare!! Clint is back at work now so can't drive us, so it looks like we are here for the duration!!

Grant arrived back home from his holiday in Lanzarote on Sunday, I was so pleased to see him, I have missed him more than I ever thought I would. I am used to him spending every other weekend away from us to stay with his Dad, but this time I really noticed he wasn't here. I am so glad he is back, I have missed him and surprisingly he missed us too.

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