Saturday, 26 January 2013

Updates at last!!

Hello again, I got the shock of my life when I came to update the blog and realised I hadn't been here since 22nd December!! The time has flown by that's for sure.  Christmas has been and gone so I'm not going to bother with any Christmas photos.

Firstly, I would just like to mention there is a hen rehoming coming up on the 30th March, so if any of you hen loving folk would like to add to your flock, please go to FRESHSTARTFORHENS  and fill out the reservation form. thank you. I am the St Leonards collection point for this rehoming I am pleased to say.

Daisy is now nearly fourteen weeks old. She has had both her innoculations now and has been microchipped. She is now allowed out for walks but we only brought her collar on Thursday and a lead, so she hasn't been out much yet.  The collar we had to  get her is a cat collar and it is still too big! It will do for the time being until she grows a bit bigger though.  We also brought her a little knitted coat in pink. I do not like dogs in clothes but a coat is a neccessity for a dog like Daisy. She doesn't like it very much as you would expect!

We have here in Hastings, a new Pets At Home store that has just opened on Friday. Kellie and I carried Daisy all the way there wrapped in a blacnket to get her the coat and  collar. I checked with the store first that they had what I wanted and they did. I stumbled across them on Twitter and have been in touch with them quite a bit this past week. So much in fact, that I found a Tweet on my phone from them to say they would like me to take Daisy up to their dog grooming salon for a treat. How lovely is that? She will be getting a make over LOL. The manager has given the groomer my name and I can take them up on their offer whenever I like :o)

WEAN I would like to say a very big thank you for the puppy heating pad, it took ages to arrive as you know but it got here in the end. I've just realised I haven't taken a photo of Daisy sat on it for you...I will do that tonight :o)

I have just had to take the crocheted blanket off the sofa in the conservatory as Daisy has just discovered she can use it as a ladder to climb up on the sofa!!! Gotta laugh though. She is grounded again now! ;o)

Here she is..

Walking back from Pets At Home with Daisy in her new coat and collar. This photo shows you how small she is..

A close up of Daisy in her coat...note the expression, doesn't like the coat!!

This morning I  have been walking Daisy around the garden on the lead to get her used to it. Also to start the outside toilet training...I hate this part! At the moment she goes on the puppy pad thing that you lay on the floor in the conservatory. She is pretty good at going on that. The conservatory is brilliant  for puppy training because it has the underfloor heating and of course easily washable tiles. I have to say, my conservatory floor has never been washed so much as it is now LOL.

After a few walks around the garden on the lead, I took her out without the lead and led her down to the hens. She barked a bit at them, but they came right up to the mesh to look at her, she was definitely more scared of them than they were of her!

Love these ones below. Look at those hens, don't they look healthy at the moment, tails bolt upright and red combs. The lighter hen in the background is an ex batt and is one of the three I took on a few months back. She was pale and generally looking washed out but she is slowly getting colour back in her face and comb.

This picture has to  be my favourite...

After a very long absence from sewing, which I just could not get in the mood for, despite my fantastic machines and more fabric than I can use in a lifetime! I finally got my mojo back. I have been randomly cutting up Kellies' old favourite clothes as they got too small and cutting fabric squares with my Big Shot fabric cutter to make a king size quilt for Kellie.  This type of mindless straight forward sewing is the only sewing I have done really and this was before Christmas. So with a king size patchwork quilt all ready to be appliqued, I got my big machine out last week and got to work. I searched through all my many, many, embroidery files and found these ones to just randomly put on the quilt. I love seeing applique on top of patchwork. So here it is in progress, the first one..

...and the finished design..its called raining love. Its so sweet isn't it, I want to use this again but I'm not sure what on...a cushion maybe?? Any ideas?

This one is a patchwork heart with pretty embroidered stitching

LOOK.....its Daisy hahahaha Love this one, just wish I'd had some tan coloured fabric instead of the brownie trousers brown!

How sweet is this design, I think its come out lovely. The only thing I would change about this quilt is the use of some of Kellies' old favourite tee shirts which made the squares not quite match up at the corners in places, due to the slight stretch in the tee shirt. I'm sure it won't be noticable once its all quilted and on the bed anyway.  The wadding arrived this morning, it is a better quality one than I normally buy and is 100% cotton rather than polyester, so I have no excuse not to get going on it now.

Until next time
bye xx


  1. Hi, Daisy is just more adorable than ever if that's possible ! I used to rescue hens too, it's so lovely to see them blossom into health and the eggs are a bonus !
    Your patchwork items are true works of art - you are so talented, I do patchwork too, but now I am going to add some applique after seeing yours, as for Raining Love, I think you should frame it and hang it on the wall, perhaps do a set ?
    Can't tell you how pleased I am you are back in the land of the living - keep it up now !

  2. Happy New Year! I have been following you for quite sometime. We "met" on the MSE sewing room chat group, I rarely comment of blogs, I am more a stalker ha ha but I am always happy to see you pop up in my blog reader. I hope 2013 is a great year for you and your family, it looks like it has started well for you!

  3. Hi Sharon, Great to see you are back in blogland. As we haven`t met Daisy yet, it was lovely to see how she has grown, she looks a little star. Lots of cuddles I bet when next we visit. Love the quilt, Kellie will love it too. I think like Wean, why not make pictures for Kellie`s room, to match the quilt. Beats looking at One Direction, when we steal her room to stay next time!!
    Love Mum x

  4. Oh my goodness, Daisy is so gorgeous! We got a puppy in December 2011 (well, she was 6months old) and it's just the best thing we ever did (except for our son, hehe!)

    Your applique and embroidery is fantastic! You are very talented indeed. Love that bike and puppy especially.

  5. How adorable. We have 2 Chihuahuas and they are the most intelligent breed and a joy.