Saturday, 22 December 2012


I would like to introduce to you a new member of our family. She has only been here for three days but has brightened our lives up no end. I have been thinking for a long time about getting a little dog and a Chihuahua has always been my first choice.

So, here she is. I took this photo when Grant and I visited the litter to choose which puppy we would like. We had already seen lots of  photos and thought we were going to come away with a black female pup. Daisy had other ideas though and chose us, whereas the little black one wasn't interested in us at all. It took us an hour to choose which puppy we wanted. There were two females, Daisy and the black one and three males, one black and two beige.  I defintely wanted a female dog for sure and she had to be tiny so as not to freak the cats out. So far so good with the cats and Daisy.

I would like to add here, that after looking around online and contacting lots of rescue sheltrs to see if they had any Chihuahua dogs for rehoming...I drew a blank. They are quite rare at the shelters I have been told...all good news there really, but this is why I sought out the puppies.  I will not be breeding any pups from Daisy, she will be spayed as soon as the time is right. There are far too many dogs in shelters to add to the problem. In fact my numerous visits to Battersea Cats and Dogs Home was quite an eye opener. Virtually every other dog waiting for a new home is sadly a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It seems these are very hard to rehome too due to their reputation. Not the dogs fault at all but the people on the other end of the lead!Bad press doesn't help either I suppose.

A few hours after she arrived. half asleep on my shoulder :o)

Look at small she is against the tennis ball

Her favourite toy so far. This little dog toy gets chucked around all over the conservatory.

Kellie, knackered from school and having a cuddle with a very tired pup.

Even the teenager is besotted with the new arrival

I know this photo is not very good quality but its one of my speaks for itself....totally smitten these two are, with this little tiny bundle of fun that is bringing so many smiles to our house.

I was up all night with her on the first night where she was crying for her Mum and siblings.  Last night she only woke once at 2am. I got her back to sleep again no problem and she slept through to 7.30am this morning so I am hoping  the worse night is over for her now.

This picture made me laugh. There's Timmy sulking at the door trying to ignore the Daisy who is asleep on a mini quilt I made her.

I brought myself this fabulous looking calor gas fire a few weeks back for the  dining room. I am hoping that this will cut back hugely on our heating bills as we can use the coal fire with wood in the lounge and the calour gas fire in the dining room which will also help heat the conservatory if the door is left open. It looks great I reckon and I'm very pleased with to be cheaper than paying for piped gas, as the bottle lasts for ages.

This Christmas is going to be a quiet affair for us but we are totally alright with that.  I somehow have managed to buy all the Christmas presents for the kids and Mum and Dad. Normally Mum and Dad would be down to stay for Christmas but because Mum has just had another operation on her foot and she can't go anywhere and has to keep the foot elevated.

We are going to have Christmas dinner at home and then going around to our neighbours for a drink for an hour afterwards. They did invite us around for dinner too but after we got Daisy nobody wanted to leave her at home for Christmas Day, so we decided to eat here.

Clint has buggered off  gone on holiday for five weeks to you know where, so Kellie won't see her Dad over Christmas or New Year. Are we bothered? No not  any more, we are getting along just fine now and I am looking forward to 2013. Its got to be better than 2012!!

I hope to blog again over Christmas but if I get side tracked by Daisy, wine and fantastic Christmas TV viewing (LOL) have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year and see you all again soon. Thank you followers for sticking around when I've been through bad times this year, for all your emails and just for being there. Thank you. xxx


  1. OMG - I'm in love ! what a little sweetie ! I can see she is going to get lots of love and cuddles there.
    I agree about the Staffies' both my son and my brother have one and they are the most loveable/fussy dogs ever - you are right, it's not the dog, but the idiot on the other end of the leads that are to blame for their bad reputation.

    I'm so glad you are looking forward to 2013, you've been through such a lot, but hey girl, you've come out the other end and stronger for it. Well done you. You have a better life waiting for you -
    Way to go girl ............

  2. Just a thought - I have a brand new heated puppy/kitten heated pad here, would you like it ? I bought it for Carrotcat but then also bought him an electric blanket which is on top of my bed, so he prefers the blanket 'cos he can stretch out more. I'd like to give it to Daisy for Christmas if you would like it. Email me your snailmail addy via my blog and I'll get it in the post.

  3. I am in LOVE, that little doggie is so adorable. Will always have a special place in your heart, she has helped to shake off the pain of 2012, and hey, 2013 WILL be better, of that we are sure.
    Soo glad to have our Sharon back, as Wean says, go girl, you deserve it.
    Look forward to meeting the baby that has stolen your hearts.
    Have Fun......
    Love Mum xx

  4. Aww she's so tiny! You can get mini tennis balls in pet shops. I know Pets At Home had them. Have a great Christmas!

  5. Daisy is gorgeous and much loved already, how lovely. I too am looking for a small companion dog and having no luck at rescues or shelters.
    Wishing you and your children a very happy 2013.

  6. Hi Sharon - it's on it's way ! would love to see a picture of Daisy on it if that's possible ?
    regards, Wean

    1. Wean, that is so kind of you. That little dog is brightening Sharon`s life, and I too would like to see her asleep on it.
      Pat Brambley,
      Sharon`s Mum

  7. Has it turned up yet ? getting a bit concerned now.

  8. Hi Wean, no it hasn't arrived yet. I think the post may be bad here as my son is waiting for quite a few things to arrive too.

  9. hello Sharon, I just came over from Ilonas and thought I'd say hello. I enjoyed seeing your crafts and your little puppy.