Monday, 25 October 2010

Our wildlife garden

This is just a quick blog update to show you some photos I took half an hour ago of my garden visitors.

I am in the middle of making some machine embroidered patchwork squares for my friend Taz to incorporate into her first patchwork quilt she is making. Whilst they were stitching out I was busy making a pelmet to go with the curtains in the lounge. My friend Genie is making the curtains, pelmets and tiebacks for me but she has been pretty ill lately and hasn't finished them yet. I looked through the airing cupboard and found some of the curtains from my Nans' old house before she went into the care home. I particularly like these curtains so I have let one pair down to fit the smaller window, the other pair I have taken up and there is enough material left to make two pelmets and possibly four tie backs too.

Anyway....I glanced out the window and saw the fox was back :o)

and.....look who she brought with her!! :o) Excited was I or what :o)

They seem to love the trampoline LOL did this other visitor to our garden, yesterday morning. When Clint said there was a Kingfisher in our garden, I thought he was joking!

I must get that damn washing line out of the ground, it ruins all the photos!! Beautiful bird though or what!! I've never seen one before. Clint has seen loads as he used to go fishing all the time but even he said, he'd never heard of a Kingfisher in a garden. I think the fish in our pond might be a bit big for him though LOL.

A bit of news I am really excited about is Clint just text me to ask if i would like to go to see Elton John in Hove next summer!! Would I? Would I? YES, YES, YES, YES I would please. Hope he can get some tickets :o)

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  1. oh my word, garden? that's like Longleat, I've never seen a Kingfisher!