Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Half term week..oh joy!

Well, here we are, half way through half term week already. I don't know where the time goes. I keep meaning to update this blog daily, but it very rarely happens!! Grant went to his Dads' house on Friday and came back today. Having seen my Mum and Dad whilst he was there. Mum text me to say she was shocked at how tall he had got lol. He is wayyyy over my height already but then again, I am only 4ft 11ins so maybe that is a good thing!! He is 14 in about 7 weeks' time, the years just seem to fall away when you have kids.

Monday, Kellie and I spent the day at Clambers (a soft play kids place) in Hastings. She absolutely loves this place and runs riot there the whole time she is there. I went armed with three old copies of scrapbook inspirations as I knew it was going to be a long day for me!! She fell asleep on the new daybed when we got home at about 4pm...totally worn out.

Tuesday, a dentist appointment for Kellie. She has one filling (I'm ashamed to say) and it has come out twice already in the past year. Today we went back for it to be replaced again. When the dentist mouthed to me that she needed an injection a cold fear crept over me!! She has never had an injection before and I was scared for her. Needlessly I might add. He numbed her gum with something on a pad and she never even felt the injection! She was so good and totally relaxed in the dentist chair. She is the only child I know that can carry on talking with her mouth open and the dentists' instruments in her mouth!! He had to tell here to stop talking in the end lol. An hour later we arrived back home, with her mouth still being very numb. I had to keep teling her to not bite it as when it wears off it will hurt! You know what it is like, the temptation to bite and chew your lips just because you can't feel them! She was so good at the dentist I decided to take her back to Clambers for the rest of the day. Off we go again, sandwiches, drinks, me with a different three magazines and a book on paint shop pro was going to be another long day for me...She thoroughly enjoyed herself again and was thrilled to see a school mate there, even happier when he was at the bus stop to catch the same bus home as us!!

Today I decided we would have a lazy day at home, no more Clambers, or at least not until Friday at the earliest!!! We walked all the way to Focus (which is a long way believe me) to see if we could get some pink exterior paint for the roof of our chicken house, but to no avail. What a waste of time and time is running out!! We have a local builder coming in to finish the chicken coop at the end of this week and begining of next week. I have been out in the garden painting the new chicken house a gorgeous shade of forget me not blue, inside and out. We have our hearts set on a pink roof, door and nest box lid (well Kellie and I do anyway) We can only find interior paint at the moment though. We are still looking. Time is running out because.....we are adopting ex battery hens, 6 or 7 of them. We were expecting the next hen rescue to be in March sometime, but it's on the 28th Feb, so it's a race against time to get the new coop and house all ready for them. It has to be perfect lol. The house is going to be a labour of love as I am going to stamp and paint flowers up the front of it and over the roof, joining them altogether on a vine, so it looks like flowers growing up and over the top. I'm really looking forward to this part :o) The kids are very excited about the chickens, so am I actually and although Clint hasn't admitted it I think he secretly is too :o)

There is nothing to report on the crafting side of thing..although I am about to start on a LO of my parents as soon as I get a bit of time. I am also thinking of entering more lo's to the magazines and clearing out my uks gallery. The reason being that I upload virtually all my LO's there and then I can't enter any to the mags as they have already been seen. Who knows, maybe I will leave them all there and just not upload any new stuff...decisions, decisions. I have a few pictures to upload later, just random ones from the past couple of days. TFL

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