Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday the 13th Unlucky??

I didn't even realise it was Friday the 13th until tonight when it was mentioned on Coronation Street LOL. Today I went back to the dentist to have the temporary filling removed and a permenant one put in. It went great, my dentist is so good I never feel a thing! He even rubs some kind of gel on the gum before he injects the anaethetic so I never even feel the injection, let alone the actual dental work. Brilliant he is. I never even went to the dentist without my Mum until I was around 24 years old LMAO that's how bad I used to be. As it tuns out the dentist bill was a little more than I was expecting so left them with a £20 note and said I would be back up later with the rest. Most embarrassing, but the receptionist didn't have alot of choice in taking my word for it. Anyway back I went for the long trek up the hill again, to pay the balance. The excercise did me good anyway. I can't use the treadmill at the moment as, last weekend we had to empty our loft space totally, so we could have loft insulation laid on Tuesday. Two of our bedrooms are now crammed with boxes and suitcases which means I can't even get near the treadmill let alone use it! We have to lay some new boards in the loft this weekend so that we can put it all back up there. We also had cavity wall insulation done on Tuesday. We are slowly getting the place up together. We have only been here a year and already we have done loads of improvement work to the house.

It certainly has not been an unlucky day for me. Two days ago I sent a jpeg to the Scrapbook Mag to see if they would be interested in publishing it in the readers gallery. Well to my surprise I had an email when I got back from the dentist to say they would like to publish it!! To say I am chuffed is an understatement, I sent it all off today to about eager lol, how sad am I??

Also this morning I went to Kellies' school assembly as she brought a letter home yesterday to say she was going to get an award. It was definately a proud Mummy moment, shame no photos are allowed. Anyway thiss is my third post today so I think that is enough drivel from me for one day!! TFL.

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