Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Still cold!!


This was our pond this morning!! It has been like this for over a week now. The ice is about 2 inches thick and doesn't seem to be thawing at all. Clint assures me that the fish will be fine, they are used to the cold!! Well they should be by now anyway.

This morning I went into town to get some bits for tomorrow, as it is Clint's birthday. I couldn't find a birthday cake for under £11 so I will wait and get one in me tight, but there is no way I am paying £11 for a piddly little chocolate cake, just because it is made by Thorntons!!

The sea was looking very icy and cold to say the least. I was going to walk back home along the sea front to take a photo of the pier with all the frost on the roof, surrounded by the icy grey sea. It would make a great scrapbook page. By the time I had looked round the town the ice was melting and the moment was lost, so I decided to get the bus home instead. If we have cold weather again in the morning I will get my photo! The washing machine is in the utility room in the garage and it was just my luck this morning that the pipes have all frozen up so I couldn't put the machine on. It is now 1.30pm and I have just checked again and the water is coming through slowly so it is a definate thaw in the pipes going on. Better go and put the washing on now......back later, got another pic of a scrapbook page I did yesterday, that I will post on here.
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