Monday, 5 January 2009

Snow at last!


This is my entry for 'The Wild' fabric cj, that I am taking part in on UKS. The zebras are embroidered with my Emabroidery Machine and the leaves are simple cut outs from green felt, then machine stitched in place. I really enjoyed this cj, it is also looking amazing.

This morning we woke up to snow much to the kids delight. First day back at school too (or so I thought!)they couldn't wait to get out of the house lol. Grant went off to school as normal and Kellie and I left at our usual time. Walking to school I noticed a definate lack of prople around! The traffic was light too, so that was good, it made the busy road alot easier to cross!! Nearing the school I said to Kellie about there not being any kids around, but we carried on regardless. When we walked up the very steep hill that takes you into the school, there was not a single kid there!! Oh no, I'm thinking...not again!! It's an inset day, except I was the only person that didn't know!! So...much to Kellie's delight we walked back home, changed her uniform and she dashed out into the garden to play in the snow that had just started falling again, quite heavily too. She had fun scooping the snow off the hot tub cover until her cold hands must have got the better of her and she came in to watch it from the conservatory. I never realised how good a conservatory would be for watching the weather!! I love to sit there watching the heavy rain on the pond, the snow is great to watch although the pond is iced over and has been for the past week. Yesterday I looked out the bedroom window and saw Tim, one of our cats, stood, yes stood, in the middle of the pond on the ice having a drink out of the bit where the filter flow goes which is the only part not frozen!! I dashed downstairs for my camera but it was too late he was on his way back towards the house. What a bummer, that would have made a fab scrapbook page.
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  1. your cj page is stunning, must have take a lot of time, its beautiful. xx