Thursday, 8 January 2009

Burst pipes!

OMG was Clint mad or what yesterday. I blogged that the water pipes in the garage which is where my washing machine is were frozen yesterday. Well, by the afternoon they were thawed out so I turned the water back on to do the washing. Clint had told me to turn them off earlier in the morning, but because they had thawed out I thought it was fine to switch the water back on!! Not so! I did my washing and brought it indoors and never gave it another thought. When Clint got in about four hours later, he went down the garden and heard the sound of water. Once he went into the garage he knew what had happened. The pipes had burst and was leaking water all over his mega expensive fishing gear!! We brought some of it indoors to dry out in the conservatory. Luckily I think everything will dry out fine. The garage floor is concrete and even that is drying out now too, thank god! The bad news being, is that I can't do any washing until the weekend now, until Clint can fix the pipe. Oh well, I have an excuse to do some scrapping instead.

Today I sorted through all my Bad Girls kits from last year. Can you believe that I still had an entire years kits still in their bags unused?? I have taken all the paper and bazzill out the bags and sorted it all out into my paper case. I had no idea what amazing papers I owned. ALL are big name papers I am feeling really inspired now to start ploughing through this pile of gorgeous stash. Today I also got my first pizza box of stash I have brought in eight months!! I needed a new paper piercer and thought I would make the postage worth while by adding a few sheets of paper to it...well 10 sheets actually!! I do not need anything now for a very long time...I have everything I need. Well, nearly, my paper cutter is on its last legs but I think it will last a few more months. I looked at them todayand had no idea they are so expensive!! A Q Cut one caught my eye but at £50 I don't think I can justify spending that amount on a cutter!!

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  1. HI hun, oh no poor you with the birst pipe, but at least you manages to save the fishing gear for clint :D How are you these days? And owwww i would have died going through all them bad girl kits, i keep thinking of getting a kit but dont really no which one, plus the rate with the $ and £ is not good either.

    Katy xxxx