Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Last night we took the kids ten pin bowling in Bexhill. They really enjoyed it and so did we. Clint won, Grant second, me third and Kellie fourth. We had the whole bowling alley to ourselves as they shut at 7.30pm. We arrived there about 6pm so had plenty of time to complete one game. Next was a Macdonalds meal. A nice evening out and still home in time for the kids to get a resonably early night because of school today. My camera betteries went flat lst night but I managed to get these two photos. One of Grant and the other is of Clint helping Kellie to the ball off the stand thingy that kids use.

This trip was suposed to take place on Saturday but due to the fact that it took all weekend to clear the garage and fix the leaking pipe we had to postpone it until Monday. Of course as you would expect, Kellie was very disapointed that bowling did not happen at the weekend, so we had to bribe her with a macdonalds chucked in after bowling if she waited until Monday evening!! Needless to say, Macdonalds won the day...luckily for us!!

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