Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Hurray I am back online!!

Here I am, at last...my last post was on the 7th Deccember!! There is a valid reason for this...let me explain. I was going to upload my pictures of the Christmas tree and left my laptop open on the floor. Well unknown to me whilst I was out in the utility room sorting out my washing, that Clint was tickling Kellie and her foot kicked over the full glass of orange squash...all over my laptop!! I was really upset about it..well, obviously, I have loads of PES files for my embroidery machine on there and also loads of GSD files for my robo. A new keyboard was ordered and fitted but it still won't work!! The laptop is still with the pc man now, although he assures us that all my files are safe on the hard drive, there is just the slight problem of accessing them as the keyboard doesn't work! Well, today the insurance company paid out and I have been to pc world and picked up my new laptop :o) It is great, it has a bigger screen than my old one and a huge memory, not to mention a web cam and other bits that the old one never had. I have loads of bits to install on this new laptop, including pspx2, embroidery machine software and robo software (that'll be fun, I had nightmares before trying to load Robomaster with vista!)

I have taken quite a few pictures over Xmas with my new camera which was a total surprise :o) I already own a Canon EOS350D which we have had for some time but I really wanted a little point and shoot camera for my handbag. Clint got me a great one, what makes it even better is that it is pink!! Add that on to the fact it takes great pictures too and I am very happy with it. Pictures to follow soon, when I have installed the software.

Christmas was great, Kellie loved her puppet theatre and puppets and Grant was thrilled with his new ipod touch screen. Clint got the books he asked for along with a few other bits and I also got a pile of books that I asked for. I love autobiographies these days and have just finished reading Paul O'Gradys. It was a really good read, there is definately going to be a sequel to it as he leaves it a bit up in the air!! Not everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed it. I'm not sure if my family enjoy me reading though, as once I get stuck into a book I don't put it down, which means late nights in bed cuddled up with............a book!!

Christmas Day I felt very homesick for my parents and even my brother!! I emailed my brother Steve to find out what he was up to. He was alone for Christmas and said he wa having a pizza for his dinner!! He seemed happy enough, doing his own thing with no parents to cramp his style lol. My parents buggered off to the US for three weeks with not so much as a phone number to contact them on!! The least said about this, the better.....

I will be back tomorrow with pictures..I promise, I'm going to sort the software now this minute :o)

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