Sunday, 7 December 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

Yesterday we put the christmas tree up in the lounge. We spent quite a few hours decorating it, putting what seemed like tons of those little coloured strands on the branches. This tree is a 6ft artifical one with the white lights already on it :o) It cost us a fortune last year and weighs a ton, but I think it looks really nice now it is all finished. We then went to a local christmas tree farm where they grow the trees especially for Christmas, to find ourselves a tree for our new conservatory :o)We found what we wanted and parted with £25 of our hard earned cash for it!!! How much?? Bit steep I thought but we had a holly and ivy door wreath thrown in with it:o) Today I have spent all day decorating it and am happy with the results of this one also. We have also put up artificial grape garlands (no grapes just the leaves!) around the top of the conservatory with white led lights entwined. This is going to be a permenant fixture for the conservatory. As I have been trying for the past 30 minutes to shut off the flash on my camera and failing miserably, I will post pictures of the trees tomorrow, when, hopefully I have sussed out how to do it!!!

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  1. hiya Sharon-you are pretty handy with that swing machine-I love the bookmarks