Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Progress on the chicken run

This is how the chicken run is looking at the moment. It has another panel of wood to go above the existing one yet. Once they are in place there will be the panels of trellis over the top (mainly to make it look nice) I am toying with the idea of painting the trellis a different colour, although I am not sure what colour yet...possibly forget me not blue. The actual chicken house is going to be natural wood stain and blue, I am going to pick out the little roof with the blue and the little door etc etc. We still have the ground to clear in front of the concrete that you can see in the pictures, there are huge ivy roots embedded in there that need digging out first though. This part wil be slabbed with all the chicken rooting/digging around bark on the top. The reason all the run will be concrete/slabs is obvious! That little darling in the pictures below. He won't be able to dig under the run, so hopefully this part will be fox proof. We just need to get the rest of the run right now. I am doing alot of research online as to making the coop fox proof so hopefully we are going to get it right...well. we'd better, those poor little chooks that at this moment are in a battery shed somewhere, their lives depend on it...literally.

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  1. I love the chicken coop wish I had room for some.