Thursday, 16 October 2008

Harvest Festival Assembly

Well, this morning I dropped Kellie at her class and then went to the hall to wait for the Harvest Festival Assembly. I actually was quite looking forward to it as when I was at school my favourite hime was 'We plow the fields and scatter':o)I was hoping they were going to sing this one....and they did. Well there was a recording of children singing it and the rest of the school joined in! Very different to when I was at school, when assembly's took place every single morning for the whole school. We never needed a tape recording of singing!! We all used to sing at the tops of our voices and loved every minute of it. Our headmaster Mr Brown was welsh and we could always hear him singing over us, he had an amazing voice. How times have changed. Still the kids seemed to enjoy it and I did too, it just was so different from what I was expecting. Well, did I really expect time to stand still for 25 years from when I was at school!! 34 years actually since I was at primary school..eeekkk where did they all go???

I am doing some scrapping today, so hopefully I will have my page finished later today and upload it here tonight.

One of our little cats has come in this morning bleeding, with fur missing and is petrified and has gone into hiding somewhere in the house. I have been looking for her for hours and calling her but she just doesn't want to be found. I have a suspicion that she may have gone into the airing cupboard, squeezed through the hole where the pipes go into the bathroom and is sat behind the bath panel. She has hidden here once before and there is nothing you can do except wait for her to come out. The best I can expect is that she has had a cat fight (which would be unusual for her as she isn't a fighter at all) or, god forbid the fox has attacked her! Would a fox attack a cat?? I will update later on how she is, if she ever comes out!!

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