Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Hello and thank you

Wow, I am so pleased with the amount of people that have visited my blog since last week. I have never had so many visitors lol, than you for all your comments too :o) When logging on to blogger I couldn't help but notice via the live feed that I have had a visitor from Winchester...please tell me who you are, it's my home town:o) I am a born and bred wintonian :o)

The reason I haven't been around updating the blog is as you know, my parents were visiting (from Winchester)I might add!! We went out and about and visited the local garden centre, then went to the nearby village of Seddlescombe for a pint in the village pub. Mum and Dad liked the pub, it also has a flock of white geese that live outside and round the village green, which always make me smile. Mum and Dad left on Friday morning so I last saw them Thursday night, which was a little bit sad. Friday I caught up with all my housework and washing and that is when I really missed them. Knowing they were on their way back to Winchester and never knowing when I am next likely to see them again :o( Saturday I got a lovely card from them saying it was lovely to see us all and Mum had underlined the saying in the card which said 'I miss you' that made me cry.

I had a really crap weekend, Clint and I did nothing but argue and I seriously questioned myself as to whether I am happy living so far away from my family. I guess the answer to that is...I love living in Hastings but just wish it wasn't so far away from family. I am mostly happy in my day to day living, I love nothing more than the peace and quiet of an empty house during the day (unless I am feeling a little low) when perhaps I need a bit of noise! It will be a year in December that I have lived here and I still don't know anyone! Ok, I know my neighbour who I get on great with, but spends alot of her time in London due to her son being unwell and always in Kings hospital :o( I also know the family opposite and a few 'hello' faces at the school. I suppose I am a bit of a loner anyway, even before we moved to East Sussex. I do miss my mate Bev back in Eastleigh though. We write so are still in contact and I sprung a surprise visit on her when I stayed at my parents house in August:o) she loved that, it was so good to see her again.

Anyway...chicken house...its coming on. I have a few photos to post of the work in progress. Ahhh I think I have just sussed why my pictures never appear where I want them! You upload pics first then blog, that way they will be below my musings!!! Oh well, next time I will get it right!

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