Friday, 12 September 2008

OMG it's been a month!!!

Where did the time go?? It has been a month now since I last updated my blog!! I have no excuse really, apart from the summer school holidays left me with little time to myself. At last they are back at school and life is getting back to normal for me. I have started falling back into my own little routine (sad I know lol)of housework, shopping (food that is!)and a little bit of crafting here and there inbetween. I have quite a few bits and pieces to add to the blog which I will do later tonight.

Well, yesterday I had some sad news from my Mum about my Nan. Mum discovered her ill at her bungalow when she took Nan's food shop round to her. It ended with Mum and Dad calling an ambulance and as a result Nan is now in hospital on a drip and dosed with painkillers and anti sickness drugs. Something is bleeding in her stomach but to date they don't know what. I really hope they get it sorted soon so she can come home. It is her birthday on Sunday and a little party is planned for her. I cannot go myself as we live too far away now but I hope she can make it with the rest of the family. I was thinking about her all morning anyway funnily enough because I was making her birthday card when I got the text from Mum, telling me she was in hospital.

On another happier note, we are all quite excited here as we have decided to get some chickens for free range eggs. The kids are naming their chickens already and we haven't even built the run yet lol. We have a lovely garden and have plenty of room down the bottom for aa big chicken run. I would like them to have as much room as possible, also I would prefer to have ex-battery hens. I feel really strongly about the battery egg industry and nothing would make me happier than rescuing some from the battery farms. Clint would rather choose breeds that appeal to him so we may have to compromise so we can have hens of both our choices. We are going to discuss the chicken house and run this weekend and come to decision on it. Ideally I would love it to look kitch/country style, but we will see. We have alot of urban foxes around here that sometimes venture into our garden so it has to be 100% foxproof, as it would break my heart if a fox did get to the chickens.

Kellie starts her first swimming lesson tommorow down at the Bexhill pool, no lie in for us in the morning...she has to be there at 8.45am. Oh well, at least she will be able to swim soon (hopefully). She loves the water so it shouldn't take her long with proper instructors teaching her.

Grant is away this weekend at his Dad's until Sunday, so maybe there might be a little bit of time to potter around with my new craft stash :o)

We did finally get away for a short trip to my parent's house at the end of the school holidays. It was a lovely break, I enjoyed it and did the things I wanted to do for a while which was, visiting the three graves of my Grandad, my beloved Auntie Joan and my little cousin Lisa. We tidied the graves and cut the grass, washed the headstones and left some beautiful bright chrysanthemums in the pots. Bright yellow and white for Grandad, which looked lovely with his black headstone and pink and purple for Joan and Lisa. This is the first time I have seen the new headstone for Lisa as it has only this year been erected on her grave. As I am not local to the cemetry any more I don't get to visit it very often. It made me feel so sad and really brought it home to me when I saw her name inscribed on the stone. She was 36, no age to die of a brain bleed. Her three kids all leave little ornaments on the sad. I also managed to get to The Range in Southampton to pick up some crafting goodies. That was a treat as there is no Range shop in East Sussex. I think Mum and Dad must have been bored stupid as they went for two drinks in the cafe whilst I was browsing around the craft section lol. The other place I badly wanted to visit was C&H Fabrics, where I brought some fabric for the cj I am in and also so amazing hand crafted glass pictures for our new conservatory :o) Back soon with the promised pictures....

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