Monday, 4 August 2008

Well, I manged to get this far

Hi to any people that may visit this blog (although I doubt there will be many!) Please bear with me while I upload my crafty creations during this week. I hope I will be able to upload my many creations without too much trouble.

Today has been gorgeously sunny here today. It has been just me and Kellie today, pottering around the house, with her being an annoying 6 year old like you would expect!! Our neighbour came round at lunchtime to try out our new Wii fit game :o) We brought it last week. I do not play any game consoles whatsoever, even though we own them all!! They really are just not my thing. The only game I have ever played and enjoyed it Crash Bandicoot (Wrath of Corteh). We have this for the X Box and the PS3 although after 6 years of playing it I still haven't completed it!! I first played it when Kellie was four weeks old and now she is 6!! Says it all doesn't it?

I am missing Grant today, he is in Lanzarote for one week with his Dad and stepmum. Hopefully he is having a fab time in the sun. I am really looking forward to seeing him on Saturday though. He is off to a football match with is best friend that lives next door on Sunday.

We currently have language students staying with us. Last week our first ever student went home. His name was Thomas and he was from France. He stayed with us for two and a half weeks and we thorough;y enjoyed having him here. When the time came for him to leave we all felt really sad. He left at 6.30am so Grant and I were up at 5am ready to see him off. I am so hoping that he will come back and stay with us again maybe next year if he decides to come to Hastings again. We currently have a Spanish and Italian students staying with us until the weekend. They are lovely lads of 22 years of age, but they are not Thomas!! When these two leave at the weekend we have another French student coming to stay for two weeks. This one being a junior of only 14 years of age so hopefully he will end up a friend of Grants, like Thomas did. We definately have a soft spot for the French in this house. We were going to move there ourselves last year but it all fell through, so we moved to East Sussex instead!! Well we are a bit closer to France than we were in Hampshire!!!!

Anyway I am of to bed now. Tomorrow I hope to start the upload of crafty projects to his new blog.
Nite, nite.

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