Thursday, 26 February 2009

Only two more nights!!

Well, the local builder is very busy down the garden building the chicken coop. It is nearly finished and he said it will be totally finished by Friday morning. It is looking great and I am very pleased with how he has done the roof. I wanted double thickness polycarbonate sheets for the roof like my conservatory, but clint drew the line at paying £50 a sheet!! So we have this see through plastic corrugated stuff which i was a litle worried about. I want the house to look nice not an eyesore every time I look down the garden! I am pleased to say now the roof is on and virtually finished it looks much better than I was expecting. The coop won't be painted before the chickens arrive but I'm sure they won't mind if I do it after they'll be some company for them (and me!!) I think the long solid wall down the hedge side of the run is going to be a work of art :o) Not sure yet what it will have painted on it though...deffo flowers incorporated somewhere into it, maybe some bespoke chickeny things...we'll see.

I am feeling a little nervous about the rescue on Saturday, everything is in place for it and my builder is lending me a dog crate to collect our chickens in. I am worried I will be upset at seeing the state of the hens...well i suppose I wouldn't be human if I wasn't upset by their plight, but I need to keep my emotions in check until it is all over.....then I can cry. My eyes are filling up typing this...I must be strong otherwise I won't be any use to the rescue at all. I will be back later to post the pictures of the progress on the coop.

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