Sunday, 22 February 2009

Chicken House!

This is what has been keeping me busy for the past week. My chicken house started off as a very bog standard brown colour. Each day last week I put a coat of blue forget-me-not wood stain on it, inside and out. It has taken so many hours but I have enjoyed doing it. Painting the roof, nest box lid and door pink really finished it off I think. The three wooden hearts I brought two years ago to make a mobile for Kellies' bedroom, but never got round to doing it! Because I wanted a 'bespoke' look for the chicken house, they were the perfect additions painted pink. I don't know how long the house will stay looking like this as I understand chickens poop quite alot!! I will do my best to keep it looking clean and as good as it does now though.

Tomorrow we have a local handyman who has been doing lots of jobs for us lately, coming round to finish off the chicken coop that we started last summer. If you scroll to older posts you will find the pictures of the coop half finished, exactly as it looks now (lol). It will be totally finished by the end of the week and no doubt I will be out there with my paintbrush!

We had quite a surprise that we are getting our chickens on the 28th February as we weren't expecting them until sometime in March, hense the panic of getting everything done in a week! Last week we got the feed, the mixed corn, the feeder and the drinker, oh yes and of course the diatom powder which is a bit like flea powder! Not that we are expecting any bugs, but it's better to be safe than sorry. We just have a bale of straw to buy now for the nest boxes, run and what is left will go into the coop for them to jump on and off :o)All in all it is going to be a very busy week here, preparing for the whirlwind of 6 ex battery hens that will be arrriving on Saturday.

I will post another picture tomorrow of then chicken house as the ones above are not how it looks looks even better, I am so proud of it. I think when you see it you will know I am a scrapbooker :o)Kellies' first reaction when she saw it was 'I wish I was a chicken!' That sentence says it all, don't you think?? She loves it...

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