Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Fabric Bookmarks

I have been busy with my sewing machine all day today. Driving Clint mad with it I think. Embroidery machines make such a racket when they are sewing. It's not like normal sewing where you start and stop with the pedal, it is just one continuous racket until the colour needs changing, when it will then stop. It has been trial and error today with making these bookmarks as I only found the pattern for them this morning and the way these are made is all new to me. A piece of fabric is placed at the back before sewing the satin stitch border round the edge. When you turn the bookmark over it is all neat with just the outline showing and none of the wrong side of the embroidery showing at all...clever eh? These bookmarks are not the ones I originally was making. I have finished the one I was talking about on Sunday and was hoping to post the picture of it tonight along with the other pictures but because the light is rubbish the photo didn't do it justice so I will take another picture to post on here tomorrow of it.

Also I have to invest in a good pair of embroidery scissors with pointed ends as I need them for cutting around the curved edges of the bookmarks. These ones in the pictures are only trials, to see what they look like in different colour ways. I have a blue one and a purple one awaiting cutting around, but I am going to wait until I have the new scissors first.

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