Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Still slimming!!

Well, today I went for my weigh in at my Cambridge Diet counsellor's house. I am just about to start my fifth week on this diet. I is hard going but I am slowly getting there. This week I lost three and a half pound so I am quite pleased with that. It brings my total weight loss up to 13lbs in four weeks so I am doing quite well. I want to loose another 15lbs, so it looks like at least another month of liquid food!! I can tolorate that, but I am glad I don't have to loose a huge amount of weight as I would hate to have to be on this diet for months on end. Cooking for the family and doing packed lunches for everyone daily starts off very hard/ damn near impossible, but once the first week is out of the way it gets easier. Of course there is also the huge amount of weight that you can see falling off that also spurs you along.

Last night we won a chicken coop/house on ebay for our chickens that we hope to get in the very near future. I am hoping to adopt ex battery hens as pets and also for the eggs. We have quite a bit of hard work to do in building the run and making it fox proof. I will update the progress as it happens.

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